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Site Of The YEAR!!!


Hey Chain Gang Soldiers & Soldierettes, One of us is back to updating! Reminder to some people: Please make sure our site link is posted in your site b4 you ask us to post ur link in our site, & we will be checking ur sites, if u remove our link, we will remove urs. WWE 4 Life & Orli Bloom might be cancelled due to the little time we have. We are tired updating this site so we are looking for an assitant, but the assitant will not be part of the site, he/she will be credited alot & would feel free 2 fix the site, he/she will be given the site password & can update the site, however, if we find that the assitant is trying ruin the website, he/she will not be a assistant anymore, & one more thing, he/she will have to show us the're talent & work b4 they start. If you are interested in becoming an assistant please send an email to with some work like wallpapers, or anything else made by them, NOT taken by other websites. Then owners of this site will decide if accepted or not. Thnx! P.S: If u use wallpapers, pics, e.g from Cena.Cjb.Net, please credit that site, not us. Thanx! And if you think the 2 other sites should be removed, please say so in Guestbook. Thnx Again! People that don't like this site, do NOT bother sign the guestbook, just BOUNCE!



Hey!! Welcome to Peachy's Site!!

In here theres all u need to know bout John Cena plus loads of other stuff!!

And please sign our guestbook and tell us what you think of our site and for a bit of fun do the poll that we added here!!!

Enjoy and have Fun!


Latest Updates

*Added Promo Photos on John's Pics[NEW]!!!
*Added Photo Gallery On John's Pics[NEW]!!!

Many more coming up soon!!



Thanks to Nadia's & 7ala from, Ratul from ,danielle from the franchise hype and for my captures,pics and animation.