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Here are some freestyles for are Wonderful John Cena Over the mounth.


No Mercy-10/19/03

So Kurt Angle tried to diss me, but he just came off soft... He's like Sigfried and Roy and I'm a tiger that's pissed off! This is John cena it's time to get dirty at No Mercy! And you don't wanna mess with me, I'm like a prostitute with Herpes! Thought he was funny with his midget he couldn't take his hands off, you wanna see a real joke? Have Kurt take his pants off! He claims intelligence, that's impossible, his head is hollow... His T-Shirt used to say You Suck! But they had to switch it cuz he swallows! You wanna show your true colors Kurt, then dress up like a chick... And stop acting like we're married, get the hell off my d***!


The franchise is crashing this party! Paul don't get hot at me! He's wearing a neckbrace cuz he blowin the whole lottery! I heard that about you, he ain't the one way type...Believe the hype, John Cena more Raw than Monday Night! I'm the lottery pick they both wanna get there hands on, this ain't no junior high dance, so fellas keep your pants on! Oh and if you draft me, save your t-shirts, I ain't kissing your butts...We in the D baby, so you can choke on these nuts! You the general manager but I'm makin the next pick, I'm giving you one ball but you still got no d***!


Naw naw Savannah, Georgia here to represent?
Naw naw naw naw naw naw naw this is the Dirty South we gotta do this right! When I ask if ya'll is here to represent everybody in the building say Damn Straight! Now is Savannah, Georgia here to represent? Then let me hear everybody make some noise! I hope the world's greatest tag team don't try to sing for them titles, they was worse than the Japanese dude from American Idol! And at Wrestlemania, ya boy is gonna open some eyes...They call me 'Johnny Starbucks' cuz I'm the whole Franchise! Its time to make John Cena a household name, I'm a win the U.S.Title and keep changing the game! See I went from uh..tights and booties to jerseys and pumps and I'm the real United States, I'm just a trash talkin punk! Every week they cut out my lines from your TV set, that means Vincent Kennedy Mac can't even see me yet, I say what I want When I want, I'm very controversial, I'm a turn the Big Show into a five-second commercial!

Survivor Series-11/16/03

Yo yo yo yo yo chill chill...chill This whole PPV is a** backwards, the main event is on first! I come through the curtains like a fetus, the rest of them are just afterbirth...Nate Jones, Matt Morgan, they don't even stand a chance! I guess uh Shane and Kane gonna hafta make room in that ambulance...And A-Train, Brock they need to talk to the gravedigger...I'm burying both those giants, they need to make that grave bigger! John Cena survive alone, I don't need no frickin' Stable; I wonder if I can trade in my four partners for a one night stand with Sable? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Oh and Big Show don't think that I forgot you homey! He's a giant! Well I'm a giant whistle so go ahead and blow me!

YJStinger Commercial #1

It's the New energy drink ahead of the bunch, This is YJStinger baby pound and punch, You get a rush of energy everytime you take a pull, All them other drinks man they filled with bull. It's the real deal baby, and the facts are true, You want a boost grab a Stinger straight from Stacker2, you know how we do, this drink is number one. It Helps Energy, Performance,Concentration! So go get one or grab em by the case Look for the Stinger can wit the yellow jacket face. Drink kicks a** I don't care about wings, So go and catch the buzz and feel the sting!

YJStinger Commercial #2

Stinger's the new drink its all over the streets man, Look for the yellow jacket all over the green can, It'll pump adrenaline like a giant machine man, Drink anything else that's just obscene man. Need a pickup in your daily routine man? It'll blast like a fire with gasoline man! Make sure the simple citrus is up in your hand, Ten times the energy of any heavy metal band. Ya'll don't know by now I'm a smack ya crew, This YJStinger straight from Stacker2. This YJStinger is the energy king, so go on catch the buzz, feel the sting! That good? Alright cool.