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01 . In an interview for the May issue of Smackdown ! Cena stated that he would choose Randy Orton if he would have asked to choose any tag team partener.

02. Cena earned a degree in exercise physiology from Spring Field college.

03. Cena shares his birthday 23, April with former WWE superstar Tony Atlas.

04. Cena's full name is John Felix Anthony Cena.

05. At the WWE Royal Rumble 2004 event, when being throw from the ring for his elimination, John Cena landed badly on his leg and knee, hitting the floor at a different angle to that of his leg. Officials gave the "X" sign...meaning he was unfit to continue in the match.

06. Cena is a former former football star at Springfield College.

07. Was a featured hunter on the tv program Manhunt.

08. His first match was a Dark Match, March 2001 Fueled by ruthless aggression.

09 .His wrestling inspiration are : Stone-Cold, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan.

10. John Cena won his first ever WWE title (US) at Wrestle Mania 20 where he defeated The Big Show .

11. Used to be known as Prototype before starting with the WWE.

12. Former Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

13. Former Ohio Valley Wrestling Tag Team Champion with Rico Constantino.

14 . 2001 PWI Wrestling Rookie of the Year, 3rd runner-up.

15. Writes his own raps.

16. Attended Springfield College in Massachusetts.

17. Is the second oldest of four brothers.

18. His debut match in the WWE was against Kurt Angle on Smackdown.

19. He's of Italian descent.

20. Cena's father works as John Fabulous, an announcer for Chaotic Wrestling.

21. Cena made his ring debut for Rick Bassman's UPW (Universal Pro Wrestling) group, a former WWF developmental territory.

22. In UPW, Cena became Prototype.

23. Impressing WWF talent scouts, Cena signed a developmental deal with the company.

24. Cena made his WWE television debut on the June 27, 2002 edition of "Smackdown," answering Kurt Angle's challenge.

25. In a Q&A session with superstar Randy Orton he was asked that " who is his closest friend in the WWE " he replied : John Cena and I rode together the last few months, I saw on Smackdown. I learned alot from him about weight training/dieting.26. Randy Orton said in an interview that he would choose John Cena if he would have asked to choose any tag team partener.

27. WWE Smack Down Diva Dawn Marie said in Byte This that its a tie between John Cena and JBL when she was asked who is her current favourite wrestler.

28. Cena works out every day for 1/2 to 1 full hour, likes watching "Family Guy" and "American Idol", and plays "Madden" to relax.

29. Cena's hawaiian name is Keoni Kena.

30. It takes John about two- to three- hours to come up with a rhyme before he finalizes what he gonna say on T.V.

31. John works out on one body part a day for approximately a half an hour.

32. Cena got his hair done from a place called the Chop Block right outside of West Newbury, Massachusetts.

33. When Cena was asked (via fanmail) If you weren't wrestling, would you have continued your education? His reply was " Yeah, I would actually want to go to school and get my teaching certificate. I would want to teach high school [level] history and coach sports.

34. Cena loves low-riders he also loves to restore classic cars and turn them into low-riders.

35. Cena is a a jersey collector he likes to shop around for [throwback] jerseys.

36. John used to wrestle his brothers when he was a kid.

37. Cena never competed in freestyles.

38. Cena won five awards for the 1st annual SmackDown! Fan Awards which were: Coolest Superstar, Hottest superstar, Best theme music, Biggest muscles & Funniest Superstar.

39. When John is home he works out at Hard Knocks Gym in Mass.

40. John does not drink or smoke.

41. Cena's favorite sport team for football are the Patriots.

42. John does not take steroids.

43. Cena is single, available, and easy.